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North American Green is a line of erosion control products made to provide vegetative growth substrate products. NAG erosion control products include erosion control blankets, turf reinforcement mats, and coir mats. The mats help to prevent soil erosion on sloped hills, stabilize shorelines and waterways, and help control sediment.

The full line of both biodegradable and long-term permanent products include BioNet, VMax, EroNet, and RollMax erosion control blankets, and Turf Reinforcement Mats.

North American Green Biodegradable mats newly installed on hillside

North American Green - BioNet

North American Green blanket installed on slope

North American Green - Eronet

North American Green TRM installed in channel

North American Green - VMax TRMs

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North American Green tackles these 3 challenges

1. Protecting Channels

Channels can lead to many challenges including erosion control and soil stabilization. Due to water runoff, sediment movement, and the protection of wildlife, in the past, there have been problems with appearance as well as the project’s budget.

We’ve found North American Green has the results you are looking for. They offer a line of products designed especially for erosion and sediment that has caught the attention of contractors who are looking for value, aesthetic appeal, and safety. 

RollMax Erosion Control Blanket Channel Installation Diagram

2. Protecting Slopes

Without a doubt, slopes have many erosion issues along with stabilization challenges. Your project should address rainfall and storm water runoff and protecting wildlife while remaining appealing and safe by using soft armor solutions.

You will get everything you could possibly need with North American’s complete line of erosion and sediment control systems while remaining cost-effective.

VMax Erosion Control Blankets arranged on hillside slope

3. Protecting Scour & Stabilization Issues

Outlets for pipes, shoreline transition areas, channel bottoms, and shoreline transition areas all present scour protection and soil stabilization issues. There are many products to choose from for erosion control that has become very high in demand. Whether you have channel issues, stormwater runoff, or protect wildlife, North American Green has the highest quality to meet your needs.

Many projects are looking for excellent appeal while still guarding safety by using their flexible ShoreMax® Transition Mats.

What is an Erosion Control Blanket (ECB)?

An ECB is a device made of natural or synthetic fibers that can be applied quickly to an area to prevent erosion and help establish vegetation. The use of ECBs can be vital during inclement weather where vegetation will not grow quickly, or on areas of new construction, distress or storm washout. The goal is to prevent soil/substrate erosion, and promote natural growth of plants. 

North American Green Stack of Erosion Control Blankets

What is ShoreMax?

ShoreMax® offers a very affordable armoring solution for turbulent flow and wave attack applications while allowing vegetation to take root and become well established. You will easily create an appealing result that’s very easy to maintenance. This is why project contractors and designers turn to flexible revetment mats, especially ShoreMax Transition Mats.   

North American Green RollMax Shoreline and stream bank diagram

The Stabilization of Waterways & Shorelines

There are many challenges that must be addressed regarding erosion and sediment control. You must consider variable flow conditions and shoreline shear stress as well as the overall effects of runoff, flooding, and topography. Water must be protected to ensure the well being and safety of water life as well as wildlife habitats.

During your project, you will probably run into erosion issues that must be addressed and find the perfect solution. If your bank or shoreline project is simple or very demanding, or whether you need a temporary or a permanent solution, you can count on North American Green’s RollMax Rolled Erosion Control System and ReveMax® Flexible Revetment System for a very stable, durable solution. Their RollMax Rolled Erosion Control Systems and their RevelMax Flexible Revetment Systems are perfect for protection, soil stability, or vegetation reinforcement.

When you require the highest strength and the ultimate performance, you must protect your ground with TERMS Turf/Earth Reinforcement Mat System that is a combination of high-performance TRMs and percussion-driven anchors. 

The Stabilization of Waterways & Shorelines  

What is SediMax?

SediMax is a is a temporary, degradable, three-dimensional sediment filtration tool that can be used storm runoff is a concern. Some common applications for SediMax are bioengineering projects, construction sites, ski slopes, forest fire rehabilitation sites, and any other soil stabilization situations where managing storm runoff is an issue.

This has become a popular product as some designers prefer the appearance and safety provided by degradable sediment control solutions with North American Green’s SediMax® Sediment Retention Systems using their fiber rolls. SediMax products will reduce surface sheet erosion due to their greater filtration capacities and sediment retention than straw bales or silt fences can ever produce.

No matter what your sediment control issues are or other problems you are facing in your project, you can be sure you will get the solution you need from North American Green. 

What is VMAX? 

VMAX is a permanent Turf Reinforcement Mat TRM solution that are ideal for channels and areas that require permanent vegetative reinforcement. These are economical, low maintenance and extremely durable. Applications can be along stream banks and shorelines while protecting from water and wind.

 The VMAX- RollMax System is more economically and pleasantly appealing than rock riprap, articulated concrete blocks or poured concrete.   

RollMax VMAX Turf Reinforcement Mat series

VMax® Permanent Composite TRMs are composed of three-dimensional matting and matrix material for establishing vegetation, for reinforcement, and protection from erosion protection. These products increase the permissible shear stress of many kinds of vegetation up to 14 lbs per square foot (0.67kN/m2) protection from erosion equal to 36-inches (900mm) rock riprap and concrete. VMax TRMs are available in a range of performance and support for vegetative development from germination to maturity.

These mats offer patented woven 3-D construction for use in areas with high stress and/or strain. It is designed with added thickness and open areas for good erosion and vegetation reinforcement against high-flow shear up to 16psf (0.77 k/Nm2) with the highest tensile strength up to 5,000 lbs/ft (73 k/Nm). Their HPTRMs are perfect for increased bearing capacity of vegetated soils subjected to heavy loads from maintenance equipment or other vehicles.  

What are Anchor Reinforced Vegetated Systems (ARVS)?

Anchor Reinforced Vegetated Systems or ARVS protect against erosion while providing added stability to the soil base with the combination of erosion control mats, ground anchors, and vegetation. This is a unique approach to soil stabilization while being used for slope stability, as channel linings, shorelines, and other areas affected by severe hydraulics or high-load potential.

North American Green offers a huge range of products to choose from to build an ARVS that fits your project. 

What is EroNet?

EroNet is a line of Photodegradable erosion control blanket netting. They assist in preventing erosion and establishing vegetation until more permanent plantings can develop. 

North American EroNet Photodegradable erosion blanket installations

Why EroNet?

Creating a solid plan that works with your site can save you from the expensive reconstruction of shorelines or slopes. You can prevent damage to landscapes, water sources, and wildlife while still keeping you compliant with local and federal regulations. North American Green’s complete line of erosion and sediment control solutions will ensure you have covered all your bases.

These short-term photodegradable erosion control blankets are specifically designed for moderate slopes and low-flow channels. They are made from 100% agricultural straw stitched to or between lightweight polypropylene netting with degradable thread.

These EroNet erosion control blankets are available for short-term to protect and mulch soil surfaces from 45 days up to 12 months. EroNet erosion blankets are designed for the best protection and support up to 36 months or longer. These products are perfect for longer stabilization of steep slopes, for various channels and shorelines. 

What is BioNet?

Bionet is another offering by North American Green for Biodegradable Erosion Control Blanketing and are specifically good for bio-engineering projects environmentally sensitive areas such as shaded areas, stream banks, and shorelines.

They are made from 100% agricultural straw stitched with biodegradable thread to 100% biodegradable jute fiber netting. They are available in a single or double net and will protect up to 12 months and will not leave any synthetic residue behind. These Biodegradable ECBs use stitching from coconut fiber sand biodegradable threads placed between the jut-fiber top and bottom nets.

This product is great for steep slopes, from medium to high-flow channels and shorelines. You have a choice of 2 products that provide erosion protection and vegetation establishment for 18 to 24 months.

North American Green Bionet Installed on Sloped hills

The Real Economic Impact 

Construction usually leads to removing vegetation and changing the landscape by covering up vegetation with buildings, driveways, or roads. Unfortunately, these changes will lead to erosion and sediment deposits which will end up causing a number of problems.

The Toll On The Environment

Disrupting or destroying the ecosystem will harm the natural resources which wildlife depends on in order to survive. Stormwater runoff can increase stream bank erosion, disturbing aquatic habitats, and life cycles. Construction site soils along with chemicals will wash into the water supplies and harm the water quality for both animals and humans alike.

The Cost Economically

There is an expensive price tag for rebuilding degraded slopes and shorelines along with dredge sediment waters that will cost millions of dollars annually. The EPA’s NPDES Phase II Rule states that disturbing even one acre or more of U.S soil must have an NPDES permit and file a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan or SWPPP, with the local authorities or face extremely high fines.

Every single Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) operator must have an NPDES permit. If you do not have this permit, you are subject to penalties and legal actions. The EPA effluent runoff guidelines are based on the technology that reduces pollutants and is economically achievable for the industry.

Even though the agency does not require an operation to install the technology, but they do require the same performance.

The Erosion Control Solution!

Regarding your project, you have a lot riding on it and erosion control is a top priority. North American’s Erosion & Sediment Control Systems are recognized as the BMP or EPA Best Management Practices to help you remain compliant with regulations and protect your resources.

High-End Technology

Construction usually leads to removing vegetation and changing the landscape by covering up vegetation with buildings, driveways, or roads. Unfortunately, these changes will lead to erosion and sediment deposits which will end up causing a number of problems.

Continual Innovation

North American Green is always looking toward the future to handle difficult situations with continual research and further developments. They have ongoing research at various universities and independent labs. They pay close attention to listening to and watching their customers in order to learn what they might need down the road. They go out of their way to invest in product development to keep you on track when erosion control issues surface with the most advanced solutions within the industry.

Testing up to Standard

North American Green’s Erosion Control Systems are constantly tested in real conditions and put through rigorous performance tests. They are so confident in their products, they subject their products to independent testing through the NTPEP or National Transportation Product Evaluation Program of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).

Recently, ShoreMax® Transition Mat with a VMax® Turf Reinforcement Mat set a whole new high record in the test.

Their Erosion Control Products all undergo “Performance Verification” by Quality Data Oversight and Review which is a quality program developed by the Erosion Control Technology Council to raise the standard for performance testing. 

Fit for any environment

Every site has its own set of issues from the characteristics of the soil, topography, climate or other environmental conditions. The RollMax System Rolled Erosion Control Products can handle all your challenges including permanent or temporary protection, excellent durability, biodegradable or photodegradable solutions. Their RollMax RECPS deliver a wide variety of features, benefits, and advantages:

  • High-performance topsoil from water and wind erosion
  • Supports healthy vegetation growth
  • Protects dormant seeds during the winter months
  • Stabilizes slope erosion for safe, clean roads.
  • Reinforces vegetation roots and stems
  • Protection of water in lakes, rivers, and streams
  • Conforms with landscape appearances
  • Easy handling and transportation

Case Study: Chagrin River Residential Slope Stabilization Project


Located in the Cleveland area of Ohio, Moreland Hills is a scenic place with spectacular views of the Chagrin River and has become a very popular place for residential developments.  The downside, with all the hills and valleys, development in this area can be a big challenge. Adding to that, when the Chagrin River flows there is quite a lot of natural erosion to steep slopes.

For property owners, the goal has been the stabilization of the 1:1 (H: V) slope in order to develop and construct a residential home along with an infinity pool at the peak of the slope.

To create the design, the engineering lead at Cloonan Design Services worked with the technical teams at North American Green and its local distributor JMD Company. JMD is a division of Hanes Companies for developing a slope stabilization solution for the project site.

The property owners wanted to keep a naturalized slope as a long-term design. They requested that the team find a solution to increase stabilization, allowing for native species of foliage to be planted.

The process of stabilizing started at the toe of the slope by installing concrete pylons and soil nails. The permanent infrastructure would help support the structural stability needed for the top of the slope impact.  The surface and sub-surface slope's stabilization was taken into account by using an Anchor Reinforced Vegetated System (ARVS).

To finish up the look, large boulders and stones were placed for a more natural appearance to the slope while also anchoring the systems. The North American Green TMax high-performance turf reinforcement mat (HPTRM) was installed along with a combination of twist pins and percussion-driven anchors for the combined ARVS system and offering needed soil stabilization while still letting permanent vegetation take root.


Just one month after finishing the TMax ARVS installation, the first annual grass species could be seen establishing through the matting.  As the weather warms up, the slope will start flourishing with a mixture of native plants on-site. The System installation was smooth and completed in a very short period of time. After the infrastructure was in place and the slope brought to grade, the slope was then seeded with natural grasses and Regreen seed mix. Regreen seed mix is an excellent choice for erosion control along with native seed mixes as it allows for faster vegetation establishment while not competing with native species during the longer establishment period.

After the seeding process,  the TMax HPTRM was rolled into its place. 6-foot percussion-driven anchors,  and TL606-TLA3-6FT by Gripple, were then installed across the face of the TMax HPTRM and added with a 12-inch twist pin. In total, over 1,500 anchors and almost 11,000 pins were installed across the entire plain of the TMax matting.

The majority of the work was complete in April along with the installation of many trees and seeding.  Additional planting will continue throughout the spring and summer along with flowers and shrubs.

Overall Performance

While there are still many projects still underway or just beginning, the annual Regreen grasses planted on site started stabilizing within a few weeks of the system installation. Even with cool spring temperatures, late snow, and spring rains, the Tmax anchor reinforced vegetated system is off to a great start. The slope is now stabilized and actively vegetating, construction of the residential home and surrounding property can now begin.

To get more information on RollMax, VMax, and the rest of the North American Green product line use the Quote Request Form, or contact us at Phone (800) 731-8420 or email us at Support@