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Strongbox Backflow Enclosurers

Strongbox Enclosures 

Strongbox backflow enclosures are aluminum or stainless steel enclosures made to protect backflow preventers from vandalism, extreme weather and natural elements. Strongbox enclosures are designed for easy cleaning and routine maintenance. Each unit is flush mounted and locks to provide maximum security.

SB Products Available:

What makes Strongbox Backflow Enclosure better than competition?

Strongbox enclosure are more ergonomic than other enclosures in that the the stainless steel grates open on a hinge reducing lifting strain on the back. Additionally, the quality control and tight fabrication tolerances ensure that replacement parts will fit the same as when your enclosure was brand new.

Do Strongbox Enclosure need to be installed on a concrete pad?

Strongbox enclosures do not need to be installed on a concrete pad. You can excavate and bury the QuickPad Enclosure box which performs as a platform for any enclosure to rest on.  This is a big advantage that enables flexibility on installation placement.  

Does Strongbox offer enclosure heaters with each unit?

Strongbox does not offer backflow enclosure heaters, however, you can either bring your heater and integrate it in or use Slip On Polar Bearier enclosure cover. The Polar Bearier bag provides R-19 thermal insulation and helps against temporary cold snaps when temperatures drop below freezing for 1-2 days.
The Polar Bearier bag prevents damage to backflow components and is ideal for warmer/moderate climates that don't typically encounter below freezing temps.  

Strongbox QuickPad Enclosure Mounting Pad

QuickPad Enclosure Mounting

StrongBox Aluminum Backflow Enclosures - Low Profile

StrongBox Aluminum Backflow Enclosures - Low Profile

StrongBox Aluminum Backflow Enclosures - High Profile

StrongBox Aluminum Backflow Enclosures - High Profile

StrongBox Smooth Touch Backlow Covers - Low Profile

StrongBox Smooth Touch Backlow Covers - Low Profile

StrongBox Smooth Touch Backlow Covers - High Profile

StrongBox Smooth Touch Backlow Covers - High Profile

StrongBox Expanded Metal Backflow Covers - Low Profile

StrongBox Expanded Metal Backflow Covers - Low Profile

StrongBox Expanded Metal Backflow Covers - High Profile

StrongBox Expanded Metal Backflow Covers - High Profile

Polar Bearier Slip-On Insulating Covers

Polar Bearier Slip-On Insulating Covers

QuickPads for StrongBox Enclosures

QuickPads for StrongBox Enclosures


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Documentation and Case Study Downloads

StrongBox Enclosure Situated In Horse Creek Ridge, North San Diego County

D.R. Horton has developed a new master-planned community with seven residential neighborhoods, commercial centers, and a public sports park located in the hills of North San Diego County. The Homeowners Association cares for the massive landscaping including parkways and trail systems, slopes, along with two recreational areas, seven neighborhood parks, and far-reaching open spaces.

According to Julie Howard, President of Howard Associates and landscape architect, landscaping enhances the community which is designed to blend in with its natural surroundings. Due to the intricacy and diversity of the areas, it’s critical to have a high-quality master-planned irrigation system in place.

Aluminum Backflow Enclosure

StrongBox Enclosure with Polar Barrier Insulating Cover

They brought in a custom irrigation design and resource management company, Sales Rep Erin Hagben of Calsense, located in Carlsbad, California. According to Hagen, they offered an excellent level of customer service along with guarantees for their systems so it’s critical they have confidence in the quality of the enclosures that house their controllers. They also consider Kim and his team at StrongBox to be an important resource and believe their products are extremely dependable. Due to the confidence in quality and longevity, regarding the enclosures, they never think twice about it. Today, Horse Creek Ridge has 25 SB enclosures with future plans of installing them at their adjacent property, Palomar College Center.

StrongBox electrical meters run along all the major parkways in the development. The meters were recommended by Visual Concepts Inc, a lighting design and electrical engineering firm located in San Diego. Kenny Perez, Sr, and his team depend on the quality of  products and have appreciated the long-term relationship they have experienced with them.

Kim Goldenstein at SB said they are privileged to work with distinguished local companies that trust and believe in their products and are confident in the high-quality and service they provide. They are excited to see their products installed in such beautiful, high-end developments as Horse Creek Ridge. They are so grateful to know they are playing an important part in the ongoing success in the infrastructure of projects like this one.

Years Later, StrongBox Withstands the Test of Time at Mueller Austin Communities

Meuller Austin is a wonderful town that’s only minutes from the center of Austin, Texas. The development is a model for modern urban design on land that was originally a municipal airport. It provides 140 acres of parks, trails, and open space. It has 3.5 sf of commercial office space and a variety of residential neighborhoods with plans for the near future.

From the time of construction, 10 years ago, in Meuller Austin, StrongBox has been the chosen enclosure of the community. StrongBox offers only high-quality, weather-resistant stainless steel construction with a range of product options and a leading reputation within the industry. StrongBox serves the electrical and irrigation controller needs of Meuller Austin.

Thad Henry, VP for Bay & Associates, Inc. in Austin said they have chosen StrongBox Enclosures because they were pre-approved by Austin Energy and the developer.

Over the years, they have used dozens of StrongBox enclosures for their lighting and irrigation control requirements throughout every aspect of the development. They are great enclosures and Henry said he wouldn’t have chosen them if they weren’t.

Featured StrongBox products at Mueller Austin include their MPS Series of Metered Enclosures and SB Series of Enclosure Pedestals and Wall Mounts.

StrongBox Enclosures Are Perfect For Drought Tolerant Landscapes

Water conservationists and city regulators across the southwest are fighting for lower water usage for landscape design due to drought conditions and the limited allowance of freshwater. Commercial properties are in transition because they want to follow governmental guidelines but want to create beautiful landscapes that offer shade and reduce sounds from city streets.

To find a balance in the middle for landscaping, architects will cut back on grassy areas and try to come up with an idea to use native greenery that looks really nice without appearing too thin and sparse. When it comes to irrigation, rotors, and sprinklers are becoming a thing of the past while drip irrigation is taking a front seat. Plants and shrubs are being placed in various locations instead of in a row and then irrigated with a drip line. All plants and shrubs require watering and irrigation systems sill run with piping underground from the point of connection. Valve spacing and the number of them is the difference. Commercial grounds use anywhere from 8 to 16 valves to distribute water to all plants and grassy areas. Now, it’s between 4 to 6 valves that run drip systems and deliver the water to individual plants.

Using an enclosure will reduce the cost of replacing the commercial landscape caused by unprotected controls, it’s well worth considering this product.

That said, smaller irrigation systems will need the conventional kinds of controllers to maintain the watering schedules and provide irrigation managers with valuable information for the use of water. Controllers are savvier by using ET data from NOAA or soil moisture sensors to adjust the valve times to coordinate how much water should be dispersed during each cycle. When there is a need for a controller, there is a need for StrongBox enclosures!

Protection against vandalism and theft are the leading reasons for having enclosures. If the controllers are turned off or vandalized, plants are sustained by drip systems. Otherwise, these plants would die within a few weeks without water.

Director of Community Asset Management for DMB Communities in Scottsdale, AZ, Scott Rowan, values what StrongBox enclosures have done for his company and community development projects including Eastmark in Mesa, AZ named the 8th best selling master community in the United States.

Steel Backflow Enclosure

Strongbox Enclosures in Steel and Green Colors

Rowan knows the extreme weather in a desert environment needs special treatment and StrongBox enclosures have seen to it there are no problems. These enclosures are solid, secure, remain looking clean even after climates that will reach 100 degrees for more than 30 days. Protecting irrigation systems is something he does not even think about anymore, thanks to SB enclosures.

StrongBox Enclosures Deter Theft

Over the past 6 years, there has been an increase in vandalism across the country. Many of these thieves are looking for valuable brass piping from backflow devices. To stop this, cities are replacing cages with powder-coated solid enclosures to cover the devices. This approach takes away the temptation from thieves who want the 30 lbs of brass for easy money. The bottom line, if they don’t know what’s underneath the enclosures, the temptation won’t be there.

Disney Theme Parks Use SB Enclosures

D.D Pagano and Associates have appreciated a 20 + year relationship with SB. Due to their long-lasting qualities, it’s a given for irrigation specialists in Orange County to choose StrongBox products for their many projects with Disney. To date, you will find SB cabinets in every Disney park around the world, including Disney’s newest park in Shanghai, China which launched in 2016.

Backflow Enbclosures Come in a Variety of Sizes

Large Aluminum Backflow Enclosure

Employees of SB are very proud that their products are being used to protect landscaping from vandalism as well as serious weather conditions. Their stainless steel construction gives Disney the assurance there will be no corrosion or issues from workmanship regarding their products. The employees of VIT are very proud that their cabinet is being used by Disney. Just knowing their products are working to protect investments in landscaping from vandalism as well as from serious weather is a plus. Their stainless steel construction gave Disney the certainty there will be no issues with the workmanship that comes with their products. While working on Epcot and Disney World, Pagano chose and installed cabinets mostly behind the scenes during the latest redevelopment projects

The Top Mount SB-16SS was perfect for the Shanghai because it blended in nicely with the foliage. Disney’s Anaheim, CA Park uses the flip tops that have been painted the color of the greenery in order to blend in with the landscape.

According to the senior executive at the family-owned design firm, Mark Pagano of SB, has a variety of cabinets for all their needs allowing them to use their products exclusively. They are beyond their competition in customer service, dependability, quality, delivery, and always providing their customers with what they want. StrongBox comes through every time.

Sweeny & Associates, have no complaints about this product and SB Enclosures have received many endorsements at the stadium. Sweeny mentioned a backflow cage in a small park just north of the ball field which proved why SB has become an industry-standard because of how well they are made along with the excellent warranty they stand by.

When you purchase something that is well made and extremely durable, you know it’s going to last. You get what you pay for. That is what you get from VIT StrongBox because quality is very important.