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HDPE Seam Tape



HDPE barrier tape is specifically designed to connect pieces of HDPE together. Easier to install than clamp based systems and will not rust. The tape is designed to withstand moisture and provides a secure, long term connection. This tape has been utilized by thousands of our residential and commercial customers for over 15 years. Each roll is 20' in length. 

*Must be purchased with 1+ rolls of HDPE plastic*

Installation Instructions:

  1. Measure 4 feet from the end of the HDPE barrier and mark the plastic. 
  2. Place two strips of the double sided barrier tape side by side every 12 inches within the 4 foot area. (see illustration)
  3. Take the second piece of barrier and carefully place it next to the first piece.
  4. Press the two barrier together tightly ensuring that pressure is placed on the tape area for a few seconds to ensure a good bond.