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HDPE Seam Tape - Single Sided



Our 17 mil HDPE Seam Tape is a heavyweight duct tape that is used for seaming our HDPE liners. This product is abrasion resistant, durable, and temperature resistant. This tape is best used in exposed, above ground HDPE installations.

Product Sheet Download

*Cannot be sold individually. Must be sold with at least 1 roll of HDPE Plastic.

Installation Guide

For above ground, exposed HDPE installations refer to the following instructions to securely connect two pieces of HDPE together.


Step 1

First line up your rolls and put a single strip of tape down the middle.


Step 2

It is a good idea to leave a little extra on the edges that can be folded over to the other side.


Step 3

Then place another strip of tape about ½” to the side of center.


Step 4

Then put your third and final piece on the left side overlapping both strips of tape.


Step 5 (optional)

Flip the to the other side and repeat each step and you are ready for installation.

*This step is only required if you will be installing the HDPE on a horizontal surface.