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Muscle Wall - 4'H x 6'L

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SKU MW-106

The 4' Muscle Wall provides a modular design that allows for very customized solutions. Each wall features a male and female connector that is designed to slide into place on the corresponding connector of another wall.

The curved walls have an ability for 11 degree rotation forwards or backwards at each junction. These walls are used on projects where the walls need to follow a river or line that serpentines or curves. The straight walls have no degree of variance and are needed on projects where the walls are being used for above ground storage of water or material. On pond projects, the curved walls would bow out slightly (still structurally sound) so we use straight walls to form perfect rectangles. 

*Please call the manufacturer (435) 213-9253 for pricing and availability. Minimum order requirement for Muscle Wall is $5,000.


Model : MW-106 (Straight Wall) MW-103 (Curved Wall)

Dimensions: 4'H x 6'L

Weight: 121 lbs per empty wall

Low-density polyethylene

Walls Per Pallet: 12

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  • Male to female connection that slides easily into place with another Muscle Wall
  • 4-Foot spring liner clip secures the liner to the Muscle Wall as well as reduces liner tenting
  • Each joint acts like a hinge allowing 22˚ range of motion
  • Reversible corner unit enables the Muscle Wall system to make a 90˚ turn in any direction
  • Two walls nestle together to reduce storage & shipping space
  • Threaded top hole cap
  • Releasable bung-plug cap for rapid emptying
  • Safety ratchet straps restrain adjacent panels
  • 7 strategically placed kiss-throughs with multiple purposes based on location - structural integrity, safety strap installation, and hand-holds
  • Made in America

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